Portable Double Ice Bags

Double layer portable insulation ice bag outdoor picnic custom bag
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Product Details

Multifunctional double layer portable insulated ice pack outdoor picnic bag insulated bento bag 

Product Description


1, cold, general ice pack. Can be used as a mobile refrigerator, for frozen drinks, milk, juice, breast milk, fruit, seafood, etc. There are also drugs, vaccines, etc. transport.

2, heat preservation is generally used for insulation food, lunch, restaurant delivery, outings. . .

portable:portable / one shoulder / crossbody

Washing method: It is not machine washable. Do not wring it out or dry it. Dry it or dry it.

Detailed function description

Heat preservation time: about 3-6 hours (the more heat the food, the longer the holding time), the cold storage time: about 4-6 hours for frozen food or beverage (up to 12 hours with ice pack) 

Important note: The insulation package is not a live product. All the cold and heat energy depends on the food itself. The principle of the package is to extend the time. Ice cream and ice cream are low-grade frozen foods when used for cold preservation and are not recommended. 

Insulation bag, ice bag, ice bag, also known as passive refrigerator, is a bag with high heat insulation and constant temperature effect (with warm winter and cool summer effect), multi-purpose cold preservation, heat preservation and preservation, made of high quality materials, easy to carry It is suitable for driving, holiday outings, family picnics. The inner layer of the product is a pearl cotton-covered aluminum foil reflective insulation layer, which provides good thermal insulation effect. From then on, you can carry iced drinks, cold drinks, etc. in the car and outdoors. No longer have to endure the warm drinks! 

The shape of the ice bag is fashionable and beautiful, the color is bright, the style is novel, the bag is easy to clean, can be folded and stored conveniently. This product also has the function of heat preservation, and is also suitable for winter insulation. It is a must for life, travel and leisure.

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Promotional Customized laminated insulated kids cooler tote bags

Promotional  cooler bagsPayment and shipping

Shipping MethodQuantityMeans of TransportShipping TimeStart and Destination
By Express

Suit for small order and middle order such as 50-100pcs


3-5 days

Door to door


4-6 days

Postal service

10 days

By Air

Suit for middle order such as100-500pcs

By plane

3-5 days

Airport to airport OR

Door to door

By Sea

Suit for big order such as over 1000pcs

By ship

East Asia:15 days

Southeast Asia:15 days

South Asia:15 days

Middle East:15-20days

Europe:25-30 days


Seaport to seaport OR Door to door


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